Beauty is my Nature

You may have noticed that the healthier you feel, the better you look. Our cells gain their energy from oxygen and nutrition. Adding skin-healthy antioxidants and beauty boosting nutrients contribute to cell vitality and beautiful skin. The most important addition to our diet should be green. By receiving the light and energy from the sun green foods help restore oxygen balance. When sufficient oxygen is available, eighteen times more energy can be obtained from the same amount of food intake.  Maintaining the alkaline design of the body with green foods is also key to vitality, weight loss, healthy aging, immunity and natural beauty.

Cove Wellness Detox Spa of La Jolla offers a unique synergy of purifying and signature therapies to revitalize body, mind and spirit. Beauty from Within has been the motto and goal of this wellness spa for men and women since 1992. Based on the European approach to health, beauty and skin care, combining lymphatic and colon therapies with a revolutionary pure oxygen treatment system.

One such treatment is a signature of the spa – The lymphatic oxygen facelift. The proprietary combination of electro-motive lymphatic drainage and the echo2 oxygen treatment system is unsurpassed. This therapy breathes new life into your skin. The result is facial firming, toning & instantaneous skin cell revival. Lymphatic drainage is proven to achieve a number of positive aesthetic effects by improving veno-lymphatic circulation, which aids in the elimination of tissue toxins. Because the body’s peripheral lymphatic vessels can be easily drained, it is a standout esthetically for its ability to regenerate skin tissue, improve hydration, tone, and relax the facial muscles. The echo 2 oxygen treatment system is a revolutionary skin care system employing pure oxygen gas, with vitamins a, c, & e, plus 87 different minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

Beauty is a form of genius - as it needs no explanation. It is one of the great facts in the world like sunlight, or springtime, or the reflection in dark water of that silver shell we call the moon.        
—Oscar Wilde

Without oxygen all cells will die almost immediately, including skin cells. As we age, our bodies, and especially our skin, lose their ability to retain and utilize oxygen for the formation of new cells. Add to this, the effects of stress, pollution, smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise and you have a serious oxygen deficiency. Echo2 prepares the skin to receive oxygen at the cellular level where it can stimulate new skin cells and strengthen the collagen network. This “ fountain of youth facial” will improve your facial texture, firmness and radiance by leaving your skin infinitely more youthful and vibrant.

Joy, well-being and gorgeous skin go hand in hand. Try Cove Wellness’ signature therapies to help banish stress, improve circulation, gently detoxify the body and quiet the mind.