Reflexology is centered around the idea that the entire body may be accessed through specific reflex areas in the feet which correspond to specific glands & organs in the body to improve overall function. Rooted in ancient Chinese healing practices, reflexology addresses the body's energy imbalance via pressure points to restore balance and optimal health. Our expert reflexologists are here to help you find balance, reduce stress, and rejuvenate your mind & body.


- Increase energy
- Eliminate toxins
- Boost Circulation
- Alleviate stress
- Holistic wellness
- Pain relief
- Deeper sleep
- Improved digestion
- Healthier skin
- Increased cell function

Benefits are accumulative and a series of sessions are recommended. See Prices Page for Package Prices.

I am amazed and honored to have had the privilege to spend time at Cove Wellness to create a healthier me. I came to La Jolla to seek healthy options for myself because I was sick, fatigued and overweight. After two weeks with Lisa and her therapists at Cove Wellness I lost 20% of my body fat, came off of 4 prescription medications and felt better than I have felt in years. Lisa's knowledge and willingness to share and help me even after my treatments has changed my life. I would recommend her treatments and program to anyone at any age or any level of health. With warm regards.

~ Taffy M Busby, Mobile, Al
Reviewed December 2, 2016