Lymph Purify is in a class of technology known as vibrational science. The instrument works as a soft tissue decongestive. The applications are a safe and effective tool for detoxification of a sluggish lymphatic system.

The instrument achieves it’s results on an energetic level. Cells have an electromagnetic charge that either binds them together or keeps them apart. Lymph Purify works by rebalancing the charge of the cells’ electromagnetic field. It provides ” information ” in the form of harmonics of sound and light to the energy field of the cells. The result of this application is the breaking up of blockages through the repolarization of proteins. When the polarity of the blockages is reversed, the cellular waste slowly erodes and flows out of the body through natural system channels. Lymph Purify increases the flow of fluids in the body directly related to circulation, purification and optimal health by increasing oxygen delivery and cellular integrity.