VIVO Vibe 260 is one of our evolutionary exercise products that use vibration therapy for total body fitness and well-being. VIVO Vibe 260 utilizes the latest in oscillating vibration technology and is the perfect alternative to traditional fitness workouts.

It offers a personalized wellness regimen that is low impact, safer, better and provides faster results. Unlike other exercise machines that require you to do all the work, VIVO Vibe 260 exerciser is the latest approach to fitness that makes science and wellness technologies do the work for you!

Whole body vibration exercisers improve the integrity of the joints by working the body’s small core of supportive muscles which avert injuries and improves performance and reaction time.

The negative ions created during a session are similar to those found in hot springs and other naturally charged water sources known to be beneficial to the the body. The synergy of these three treatment is a results focused, effective & natural way for Detoxification, Healing, & Optimal Wellness! We have found that several, consistent sessions (once or twice week) over a relatively short period, produce the best results. See our fee schedule for package plans.

VIVO Vibe 260 Pricing

VIVO Vibe 20 Minutes $20