“If you are ready to feel healthier than you have in years, you must experience Cove Wellness. With their first class treatments and incredible staff, you will be restored to Health & Vitality! My favorites are the Signature La Jolla Detox (a synergy of Bio-energetic Lymphatic Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy & Detox Foot Spa) and the Liver Detox (a combination of blissful reflexology focused on the liver meridians, healing & nourishing castor oil pack & Detox Foot Spa). As a long-standing client of several years, I highly recommend Cove Wellness to anyone committed to feeling great and achieving optimum health!”

- Debbie Ford – Best Selling Author, Speaker & Motivational Coach

"Cove Wellness has become an integral part of my recovery program. I have come to rely on my weekly visits and depend on them in my treatment of Lyme disease. The staff are some of the nicest people I have ever met and always make my visit enjoyable!"

- R.T. - San Diego, CA

“I found the therapies beneficial following my dental work in assisting my body in eliminating heavy metals. The combination has alleviated several health issues as a result.”

- Lucas - San Diego, CA

"I’m in the military and found this place through a friend. I went for the jade sauna and colonic combo to help me meet my weigh in. I found it to be very helpful and also went back for some liver detox as my liver panels were high. Very happy with my results, I recommend the liver and colonic combo."

- E. Minchilli - San Clemente, CA.

"My time at Cove Wellness was quite possibly the best money I’ve ever spent. I was amazed at how much I learned there, and how great I felt after my visit! Lisa, Kristina and the whole staff there are the friendliest, most welcoming and professional I’ve ever known. I was slightly apprehensive the first time I tried colon hydrotherapy. Kristina helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed all throughout the procedures. I have been back since, and cannot recommend it highly enough. I really enjoyed jade sauna. The staff is so knowledgeable and was able to answer every question I had. Our health is the most important thing we have next to family and it can’t be replaced. When I left Cove, I could really tell a tangible physical difference and that my body had been cleansed of so many toxins that plague our everyday life. Between poor food choices, food additives and GMOs, and our environment; we are bombarded with carcinogens and other harmful substances daily. The lymphatic and detox services, as well as alkalizing and other products offered at Cove Wellness are a wholesome and real step in the right direction towards life-long health. Anyone looking to better their overall health or prevent illness would do themselves a good turn to learn more about what they have to offer at Cove.I live overseas now, and plan on returning for vacation late this summer. Even before I leave, I will have an appointment at Cove Wellness. Thank you Lisa and the gang for taking such good care of me! With grateful regards and the best of health."

- William, U.S. Navy

“I live in Colorado and found Cove Wellness online. I have enjoyed the lymphatic oxygen facial several times on my visits to San Diego. Many facials are superficial and only last a couple of days. I have found the lymph node drainage to reduce the swelling and darkness under my eyes significantly. I feel like the drainage clears excess fluid and the oxygen helps with repair and dryness I experience due to high altitudes. I feel pampered and relaxed but more importantly I love the lasting results with this facial.”

- Claire K - Denver, CO

“I recommend Cove Wellness with confidence for pre and post-surgical healing and recovery. Following my cosmetic surgery the swelling and bruising that was anticipated to take three weeks to subside was barely noticeable after four days. I was thrilled.”

- Y.A. - La Jolla, CA