In a time when 95% of health care costs are being spent on treating illness, it’s apparent the time has come for a new paradigm of prevention and self care. It has been well documented that lymph congestion underlies a host of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions from cellulite to cancer. Improving lymphatic circulation contributes to healthier cells, a more alkaline environment of the blood, a slowing of the aging process and reduction of pain and inflammation.

Thermal Imaging is a safe, non invasive procedure that was approved in 1982 as an effective adjunct to breast cancer screening. It is a valuable procedure that can alert your doctor to changes that can indicate early stages of breast cancer. Emphasizing prevention, thermography detects inflammation and can aid in the detection of breast disease, thyroid issues, intestinal/colon inflammation, cardiovascular issues, lymphatic congestion, arterial inflammation, periodontal infections often missed by x-rays, nerve damage & neuropathy and unexplained pain.