8 Facts You May Not Know About the Lymphatic System

New research reveals that 80% of overweight women have sluggish lymphatic systems. Trapped toxins and excess fluid can add an extra 10 - 15 pounds. As the body's second circulatory system, decongesting stagnant lymph can substantially reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, or blockage of the arteries. Lymphatic drainage is one of the few techniques to [...]

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What Is The Function Of The Lymphatic System?

This magnificent, often mysterious and complex network of vessels, organs and nodes is the body's cleansing system. It transports excess interstitial fluid out of the tissue and back to the bloodstream. Our cells are located in a sea of lymph, a pale fluid. Oxygen and sugar are transported from the blood vessels to nourish the [...]

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Why is Lymphatic Health Important?

When lymphatic stagnation occurs, sluggish lymph interferes with the ability of lymphatic fluid to carry toxins away from the cells and to transport healing oxygen, nutrients and hormones into the cellular tissue. When the lymphatic system cannot clear fluids efficiently, cellulite, weight gain and illness can occur. This stagnation weakens the immune system, compromising the [...]

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Who Can Benefit From Electro Lymphatic Therapy?

Because the lymphatic system is involved with all the other systems of the body it is a safe and highly effective tool for those seeking prevention and self care. Lymphatic drainage is a time proven positive adjunct to any health, weight loss or detoxification regimen. Anyone can benefit from lymphatic therapy because it is a [...]

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What Causes Lymphatic Stagnation?

The main cause of congested stagnant lymph is stress. Unlike the circulatory system, which is pumped by the heart, the lymph system has no pump. It relies solely on muscle movement and respiration, or breathing. Shallow breathing is an involuntary reaction to stress. Over time this decreased movement slows down lymphatic circulation and contributes to [...]

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How Does the Lymphatic System Affect Cellulite?

Cellulite is most often a lymphatic condition. It is influenced by poor lymphatic circulation and excess acidity in the body. Dissipating stagnant lymph and increasing lymphatic circulation can reduce toxic fluid buildup and has been found to be one of the few techniques to be successfully used in the lasting reduction of cellulite. Lymph Purify [...]

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How Does Lymphatic Therapy Support Breast Health?

Lymphatic Therapy is a whole body approach and key to prevention as it relates to the health of the cell in the breast area. The proper filtering and functioning of the lymphatic system is critical to the body's ability to clear stagnant fluids, filter toxins and deliver healing oxygen. Lymph Purify has been found to [...]

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Radiant Beauty and Vibrant Aging

Vitality, quality of life and healthy aging begins with rejuvenating the cells and reversing the over acidification of the blood and tissues. Lymph Purify clears stagnant lymph and improves lymphatic circulation. A standout esthetically for it's ability to regenerate skin tissue and tone facial muscles. Lymphatic drainage improves veno lymphatic circulation which aids in the [...]

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Prevention, Inflammation, and Thermal Imaging

In a time when 95% of health care costs are being spent on treating illness, it's apparent the time has come for a new paradigm of prevention and self care. It has been well documented that lymph congestion underlies a host of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions from cellulite to cancer. Improving lymphatic circulation contributes to [...]

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Alternative to Liposuction and Cosmetic Surgery

Doctors in Western Europe and the Far East recognize the importance of the lymphatic system in healthy weight loss, cellulite reduction and radiant beauty. Natural beauty is achieved by clearing stagnant lymph and supporting the body in eliminating excess fluids and stored toxins. Lymph Purify increases the lymphatic circulation encouraging a whole body approach to [...]

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