Like nuturing plants, it is important to purify and build strong healthy blood
Nature already knows how to satisfy the body’s demand for immunity and internal energy. Chlorophyll, the blood of plants, will rebuild red blood cells and fulfill the body’s hunger for healing oxygen. Cells need oxygen to produce energy. Increasing cellular oxygen has been shown to kill cancerous cells.  When cells are denied 60% of their oxygen requirements, an unhealthy  environment can be created. The most important addition to your diet should  be green. By receiving light and energy from the sun, green foods help to restore oxygen balance. Breathe new life into your skin and experience a new level of vitality and mental clarity. When sufficient oxygen is available, eighteen times more energy can be obtained from the same amount of food intake. Oxygen is delivered to the cells via the lymphatic system.

Cove Wellness Signature La Jolla Detox synergy of purifying wellness therapies  and nourishing supplementation to clear stagnant lymph and maintain balanced acid-alkaline body chemistry.