Cove Wellness Testimonials

If you are ready to feel healthier than you have in years, you must experience Cove Wellness. With their first class treatments and incredible staff, you will be restored to Health & Vitality! My favorites are the Signature La Jolla Detox (a synergy of Bio-energetic Lymphatic Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy & Detox Foot Spa) and the Liver Detox (a combination of blissful reflexology focused on the liver meridians, healing & nourishing castor oil pack & Detox Foot Spa). As a long-standing client of several years, I highly recommend Cove Wellness to anyone committed to feeling great and achieving optimum health!”

Debbie Ford – Best Selling Author, Speaker & Motivational Coach

“I love the team care at La Jolla Cove Wellness. The trio and sequence of therapies open the energy channels and are extremely beneficial in the elimination of toxins and heavy metals. Valuable care we all need”
Paul Sorensen, DDS
“Chronic pain from fibromyalgia was keeping me from enjoying life. The combination of cleansing therapies and innerlight supplements has not only allowed me to go back to work but I look and feel ten years younger..”
“I recommend Cove Wellness with confidence for pre and post-surgical healing and recovery. Following my cosmetic surgery the swelling and bruising that was anticipated to take three weeks to subside was barely noticeable after four days. I was thrilled.”

From our clients

Cove Wellness has become an integral part of my recovery program. I have come to rely on my weekly visits and depend on them in my treatment of Lyme disease. The staff are some of the nicest people I have ever met and always make my visit enjoyable.!
“I found the therapies beneficial following my dental work in assisting my body in eliminating heavy metals. The combination has alleviated several health issues as a result.”
Lucas, San Diego
I’m in the military and found this place through a friend. I went for the jade sauna and colonic combo to help me meet my weigh in. I found it to be very helpful and also went back for some liver detox as my liver panels were high. Very happy with my results, I recommend the liver and colonic combo.
E. Minchilli, San Clemente, CA.

More from our Clients

My time at Cove Wellness was quite possibly the best money I’ve ever spent.
I was amazed at how much I learned there, and how great I felt after my visit! Lisa, Kristina and the whole staff there are the friendliest, most welcoming and professional I’ve ever known. I was slightly apprehensive the first time I tried colon hydrotherapy. Kristina helped me to feel comfortable and relaxed all throughout the procedures. I have been back since, and cannot recommend it highly enough. I really enjoyed jade sauna. The staff is so knowledgeable and was able to answer every question I had. Our health is the most important thing we have next to family and it can’t be replaced. When I left Cove, I could really tell a tangible physical difference and that my body had been cleansed of so many toxins that plague our every day life. Between poor food choices, food additives and GMOs, and our environment; we are bombarded with carcinogens and other harmful substances daily. The lymphatic and detox services, as well as alkalizing and other products offered at Cove Wellness are a wholesome and real step in the right direction towards life-long health. Anyone looking to better their overall health or prevent illness would do themselves a good turn to learn more about what they have to offer at Cove.I live overseas now, and plan on returning for vacation late this summer. Even before I leave, I will have an appointment at Cove Wellness. Thank you Lisa and the gang for taking such good care of me!

With grateful regards and the best of health;

William, U.S. Navy
“I live in Colorado and found Cove Wellness online. I have enjoyed the lymphatic oxygen facial several times on my visits to San Diego. Many facials are superficial and only last a couple of days. I have found the lymph node drainage to reduce the swelling and darkness under my eyes significantly. I feel like the drainage clears excess fluid and the oxygen helps with repair and dryness I experience due to high altitudes. I feel pampered and relaxed but more importantly I love the lasting results with this facial.”
Claire K, Denver, CO.