Signature Liver / Gallbladder Detox

Cove Wellness Signature Liver Detox

Your Liver is Your Body’s First Line of Defense

Cove Wellness Liver & Gallbladder Detox is a transforming combination of Edgar Cayce Castor Oil Pack,  organ-specific Foot Reflexology, organic coffee colonic and our Detox Foot Spa. Our Liver Detox is three hours of synergistic therapies to purify, nourish and support an overworked liver.

It’s a Toxic World We Live In

Although technology and industry have helped us to live more comfortably we have seen an explosion of synthetic products in our everyday life. In the past 60 years how our food is grown and packaged, how our homes are built, furnished and cleaned, how our gardens and lawns are maintained and what cosmetics we use have been significantly altered.

There are approximately 75,000 chemicals now in common use and fewer than 3% have been tested for carcinogenicity. The EPA has reported nearly 30 cancer causing chemicals in the fatty tissue of most Americans today. This heavy load is putting an extra burden on the filter systems in our body which should now be assisted by a liver detox treatment. This is affecting not only our bodies but our environment and most especially the health and well-being of our children.

Liver Detox: Living Life at a Higher Level

Detoxification is a natural primary function of the body. Your body is detoxifying all the time. It has it’s own body-cleansing system consisting of enzymes, hormones, and lymphatic fluids that constantly rid the body of unwanted materials and chemicals.

Toxins are defined as anything your body interprets as harmful or stressful. This includes not only diet, but also anything we breathe, or absorb through our skin, eyes and ears, not least of all emotional stress. Over time, many of us have come to accept developing a degenerative disease or simply feeling incrementally worse each year as part of the aging process. It’s not! By taking responsibility for our own health and well being there is so much we can do to support our body in detoxification and re-balancing our biochemistry.

The liver and gastrointestinal tract are the major organs responsible for detoxification. Your GI tract is responsible for digestion, absorption, elimination and immunity. The barrage of toxins to which we are exposed to today is unprecedented in history.

Your liver is your first line of defense and your body’s main detoxifying organ. In addition to detoxification, it performs some 500 other bodily functions.

The gallbladder is part of our magnificent digestive system. It’s function is to store bile made in the liver, helping to keep the liver healthy and digestion working properly. Sometimes the contents of bile fluid collect in the gallbladder, harden and form crystals, which then progress to stones, known as gallstones. Not all gallstones create problems, however a combination of poor diet, drugs and toxins in the environment stones may eventually develop systems and get stuck in the opening where the gallbladder narrows to become the cystic duct.

Signature La Jolla Liver Detox Pricing:

Signature La Jolla Liver Detox 3 Hours of Purifying Therapies $295
Includes: Reflexology, Liver Castor Oil Pack, Colon Hydrotherapy / Irrigation, Detox Foot Spa
Pre-Paid Series Signature La Jolla Liver Detox 3 three-hour sessions $845
Pre-Paid Series Signature La Jolla Liver Detox 6 three-hour sessions $1670
Liver / Gallbladder Detox 2-hour session
Includes: organic coffee colonic


Each Three Hour Signature Session Includes:

  • Electro LymphaticTherapy
  • Colon Hydrotherapy Irrigation
  • Your choice of Detox Foot Spa or Jade Infrared Sauna
  • Whole Body Vibration
  • Detox Bath Salts for your evening soak.

Spa Notes:

  • Your comfort and care is of the greatest concern and priority, so please let your spa therapists know if they can assist you in finding your comfort level.
  • Confidential complimentary consultations available upon request.
  • We reserve your appointment time for you.
  • Sessions changed or cancelled in less than 24 hours will be charged in full.
  • Pre-Paid packages will forfeit missed sessions and expire after 1 year from purchase.


“A colleague told me about the therapies at Cove Wellness in 2012 when my unexplained fatigue was diagnosed as elevated liver enzymes and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. My doctor told me approximately 30% of the population is affected by this condition and that I needed to lose 20 pounds. I committed to the liver detox therapies weekly for 9 weeks, I not only lost my weight but my blood pressure fell within normal and my doctor said he couldn’t believe my liver panels were the same patient. My energy level is better than it was 20 years ago. I’ve read a lot through this experience and learned that the liver can be regenerated. I highly recommend these cleansing treatments and the knowledgeable staff at Cove Wellness. I found the ladies professional and very caring.”
E. Kaufmann, Del Mar, Ca -another day in paradise