Colon Hydrotherapy &  Irrigation

Cove Wellness - La Jolla Detox Spa - Colon Detox , Hydrotherapy & IrrigationCove Wellenss highly trained and certified colon hygienists will nurture you through this key modality. We incorporate the highest standards in sanitation and disposable products are always used. Our equipment is state of the art in safety and technology and  FDA registered. We compliment our Colon Hydrotherapy sessions with a premier selection of supplementation for the symptoms of Candida, Parasites and Probiotic formulations to enhance your health and well-being.

Colon Hydrotherapy & Irrigation is a soakening & softening process. It’s a gentle method of cleansing accumulated waste and toxins from the colon through the introduction of filtered warm water. It’s safe, effective and FDA approved.  Through the introduction of warm filtered water it gently cleanses accumulated waste and toxins from the large intestine. The process takes one hour and is comfortable and highly effective. The most popular is our low acid organic coffee colonic.  At Cove Wellness our alkaline colonic is soothing and nourishing, a combination of concentrated liquid chlorophyll and oxygen with alkalizing mineral salts for added healing.  We recommend no food for 2 hours prior to appt. Complimentary consultations for your personal wellness questions and detoxification regime.

The key to Radiant Health Colon Hydrotherapy & Irrigation is a time proven positive adjunct to any health’ weight loss or detoxification program. The large intestine tends to accumulate toxins due to poor eating habits, lack of exercise, stress and emotional holding patterns. Re-absorption of these toxins into the bloodstream can set the foothold for disease.

Colon Irrigation and cleansing allows for a cleaner bloodstream, improved digestion and elimination, greater vitality and better assimilation of vital nutrients. In combination with our liver and lymphatic therapies, colon hydrotherapy becomes a critical part of the detoxification process. Intestinal dysbiosis is a disruption of healthy bacteria, which live in the intestines.

Symptoms of a Toxic Colon: Fatigue,  Allergies,  Asthma, Bloating, Colon Gas, Brain Fog, Poor Memory, Irritability, Arthritis or Joint pain, Constipation & Diarrhea, Depression, Fatigue, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Lack of Energy, Overweight, Poor Digestion, Cellulite, Prostate Troubles, Body Odor, Bad Breath,  Acne and other skin problems.


Organic Coffee Colonic 60 minutes $100
Alkaline Colonic 60 minutes $100
Filtered Water 60 minutes $90
Pre- Paid Packages (3) Organic Coffee or Alkaline $285
Pre- Paid Packages (6) Organic Coffee or Alkaline $540
Pre- Paid Packages (3) Filtered Water $255
Pre- Paid Packages (6) Filtered Water $480

Pre-paid packages valid for one year from date of purchase

Spa Notes:

  • Your comfort and care is of the greatest concern and priority, so please let your spa therapists know if they can assist you in finding your comfort level.
  • Confidential complimentary consultations available upon request.
  • We reserve your appointment time for you.
  • Sessions changed or cancelled in less than 24 hours will be charged in full.
  • Pre-Paid packages will forfeit missed sessions and expire after 1 year from purchase.