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Since 1993 this specialty detox spa has been been enhancing the health and beauty of our clients with a unique and effective synergy of health and beauty Services.  Our professional staff offers confidential consulting for healthy weight loss, colonic irrigation, and lymphatic therapy  as well as men’s health issues.  Come experience this hidden treasure, just steps from the Pacific Ocean in the beautiful seaside village of La Jolla, California. The serenity of the renowned La Jolla Cove Wellness Spa creates an ideal setting to renew your energy and recharge your spirit.

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MediCupping Vacuum Therapy for Facelift & Body Contouring

Non Invasive Alternatives to Erase the Effects of Time

MediCupping and Vacuum Mobilization therapies have proven to be highly effective approaches to face and body contouring services. Vacuum cupping therapies are used to open and drain the lymphatic system, release restrictions and shift the polarity and pH of the tissue to assist the body in re-establishing homeostasis.

This remarkable modality has found it’s way into the modern world of healing and is revolutionizing the way we look at detoxification, weight loss, cellulite reduction and body shaping.


Solid bloat are layers of dehydrated stagnant lymph, old blood and cellular debris. Solid bloat can accumulate in the body and appear as fat and extra weight, abdominal bloating, cellulite or those stubborn areas that don’t respond to dieting and exercise.

MediCupping uses decompression to lift and separate tissues. By creating suction and negative pressure Vacuum therapies are used to drain toxins and excess fluids, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue bringing blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin. Cupping Therapy draws inflammation out of the body while increasing circulation and hydration of the tissues. It is safe, highly effective, non invasive and not an irritant to the skin.

This simple treatment has truly impressed those who have experienced it’s subtle power.


Cellulite Solid Bloat IBS
Inflammation Sluggish Colon Edema
Abdominal Bloating Scars/Scar Tissue TMJ
Skin Tightening Stagnant Lymph Toxicity

Benefits are accumulative and a series of sessions are recommended.

Signature La Jolla Detox

La jolla detox spa

Three luxurious synergistic hours of purifying therapies to usher you to a level of wellness, vitality and relaxation you never imagined.  Schedule some time for your Signature La jolla Detox and feel years younger, stress free, and healthy.

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Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon irrigation

Our highly trained and certified colon hygienists will nurture you through this key modality.

Our equipment is state of the art, FDA registered, and the highest standards in sanitation and disposable products are always used.

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Signature Liver Detox

Liver Detox at La Jolla Detox Spa

This remarkable 3 hour therapy is a relaxing, is highly effective at purifying, nourishing and supporting an overworked liver. A combination of Castor Oil treatment, Foot Reflexology , organic coffee colonic, and Foot Detox Spa.

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